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Who We Are

The Changes is one of the fastest growing learning platforms of India. We assist corporates, campuses and individuals develop knowledge skills & habits that are vital for success in the 21st century world.

We are on a mission to build a stronger tomorrow through skilling, upskilling and reskilling individuals pan India for personal & professional excellence.

Our Upcoming Programs

Present with Impact

Learn the Art of Presenting with a professional speaker to build the right image, move up in the corporate ladder & take your career in the right direction.

Responsive Business Communication

Learn to write clear, crisp and concise emails that lead to building the right professional image, improve workplace relations and boost productivity.

Communicate with Purpose

Develop communication that is purposeful which will impact everyday conversations to build credibility in professional & personal relationships.

Our Programs

Programs on Personal Excellence

Programs on Personal Excellence enable personal leadership. These programs are a step-by-step process of development in every aspect of life that leads to personal enrichment.

Programs on Professional Excellence

Professional Excellence leads to Improvement in skills that are vital to creating a positive professional image & builds great career paths.

Programs on Workplace Excellence

Programs on Workplace Excellence enable enhanced performance by improving knowledge, skills, and behaviors that are important for unleashing team talents.

Programs on Future Ready Skills

Programs on Future Ready Skills enable upskilling to complement and supplement technological advancement. These skills challenge old paradigms and build adaptability to an uncertain and unpredictable environment.

The Changes Elements

Pre Session Assessment to Self Assess The Current Know How On A Given Learning Need & Identify The Gaps That Needs To Be Filled


Self Pace Learning To Get The Conceptual Clarity Of The Key Learning Concepts

Self Paced Pre Reads

To Deep Dive In The Topic And Learn In Challenging, Experiential Facilitator Led Interactive Environment

Live Instructor-Led Workshops

Real-World Or Need-Based Case Study Projects To Apply The Learning

Application Based Challenges

To Assess Role Readiness & Measure Gaps That Needs To Be Covered in OJT Or ILT

Post Session Assessment

Personalized 360-Degree Feedback To Motivate The Learner To Lead Self Through Continued Growth & Improvement


Coaching Feedback

Shareable, Secure E Certificates With Lifetime Validity


Know Where You Fit In


Assisting organizations to be adaptive, empathetic & future-ready.


Enhancing knowledge, behaviors skills & habits to craft dream careers.


Transforming lives through science-based personal growth learning programs.

The Changes Advantage

The Head Heart & Hand Model For Instructional Design For Higher Retention of learning

Head, Heart & Hand Model

Simple & User Friendly Learner Dashboards To Track Learning Progress

User-Friendly Dashboards

Multidisciplinary Faculty To Deliver High Impact Programs

Multidisciplinary Faculty

Systematic, Flexible & Practical Performance Management Techniques To Reduce Operational Challenges

Practical Performance Tools

Customized Assessments

To Gauge Critical Skills, Behaviour & Habits For 21st-Century Work Place Success

Customized Assessments

The Changes Advantage

Head, Heart & Hand Model

User Friendly Dashboard

Multidisciplinary Faculty

Practical Performance Tools

Customized Assessments

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Identify discrepancies between the current and desired performance levels and develop an agile career path.

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Our Happy Clients

Our Happy Clients

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Sonia Gupta

Founder & Chief Change Enabler (CCE)
The Changes Academy

Amitabh Jindal

Center for Leadership Excellence

Shantonu Basu

Center for Professional Excellence

Indu Wadhwa

Center for Performance Excellence

Suren Kolkankar

Center for Personal Excellence

Sharad Khanna

Center for Outbound Learning

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Join our aspirational community

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The 21st Century Workplace provides employers and employees the flexibility to address how, when and where work is accomplished and allows for the design of employee benefit programs that attract and retain employees that have the right knowledge, attributes and skills to meet the challenges of the new world.

Knowledge is factual information and theoretical concepts that are acquired through education or experience.

Skills, however, refer to the ability to apply knowledge to specific situations. They are developed through practice

Competencies refer to a broad set of observable behaviors that successful performers demonstrate on the job. Those behaviors are the result of various abilities, skills, knowledge, and attributes.

FLOURISHING is a multidimensional construct that’s is marked by well-being in all aspects of life. It is attained when you have self-awareness, you are engaged in meaningful activities, and have deep nurturing, rewarding relationships. These 3 factors come together to weave a flourishing life.

To facilitate learning in the digital era 3 H Model- head, heart, and hand denotes thinking, feeling, and doing respectively. This Model of Instructional Design ensures learning that is retainable & applicable.

All our programs are outcome-focused that are designed not only to learn but also to respond favorably with measurable outcomes & immediate practical application.