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Unlock Your Leadership Potential:

Transform Your Presence & Propel Your Career!

Unlock Your Leadership Potential: Transform Your Presence & Propel Your Career!

Unlock Your Leadership Potential:

Transform Your Presence & Propel Your Career!

Building Executive Presence

Research conducted by Sylvia Ann Hewlett, an expert in leadership and workplace issues, found that executive presence is a key factor in career advancement, accounting for 67% of the reason why certain high-potential employees are promoted to leadership positions.

Event Schedule:

Present with Impact

On Friday, 10th March
Timing 6 PM to 8 PM

Meet Your Instructor : Sonia Gupta

Online Zoom Meeting

Present with Impact

On Friday, 10th March
Timing 6 PM to 8 PM

01 February 2015

New Office, CA

By the end of this course you will be able to :

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What will you learn?

Art & science of communicating with impact in the business setting.

Confidence in delivering presentations with or without preparation.

Comprehend the significance of nonverbal conversational finesse.

Use of voice, and tonality to enhance the impact.

Build transformational vocabulary to generate responses in conversations.

Create and maintain a professional image in virtual and offline interactions.

Distinguish and diminish reactive terminology.

The techniques to develop assertiveness yet being respectful and thoughtful.

The art of small talk that builds rapport and lasting relationships.

The techniques to enhance impact and influence by adding value in each interaction.

What you get

6 hours of high-energy Live Instructor-led virtual training

(3 sessions of 2 hours each)

1 hour of 1:1 coaching to develop an Individual Development Plan

2 hours of live team project and group finale presentation

3 months of free access to webinars and micro-learning modules

This program will be of great value
if you want to:

Stand out in a crowded room, and receive genuine attention in crucial meetings.

Build a lasting impression on colleagues and clients alike.

To create a personal brand that inspires others to lead with impact.

Meet your instructor

I'm Sonia, your guide on the path to mastering executive presence. With 18 years of industry experience I've collaborated closely with CEOs, MDs, and business heads across diverse sectors, crafting a wealth of real-world wisdom to empower professionals like you!
Spanning three continents, I've had the privilege of training over 18,000 professionals and advising leaders from 60+ organizations. My journey is grounded in facilitating impactful programs that transcend borders, fostering growth and transformation in every individual I encounter.
Join me as we unlock the secrets to commanding presence and influence. Together, let's sculpt a future of leadership excellence, one confident step at a time.

Sonia Gupta

Leadership Coach(Erickson Coaching International) | L&D Specialist | Conversation Starter | Entreprenur | Change Catalyst

Learning Highlights :

Know the components of a powerful executive presence.

Identify personal areas of improvement to build a desirable professional image.

Understand the concepts of Ethos, Pathos & Logos in a professional setting.

Become aware of personal brand & steps to craft a personal brand statement.

Develop steps to become a thought leader in your domain with the right vocabulary, diction and conduct.

Build the corporate finesse in business meetings, networking forums and industry events.

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Meet your instructor

Having spent 18 years in the talent development industry, Sonia has minimized 2 loud voices from the training room, How will I retain what I have learned, and second what impact will this have on my personal & professional growth?

She has been assisting organizations across India to learn the right skills at the right time for the right reason and retain the learning!

Having trained more than 16K professionals across industries, she now is bringing her knowledge and experience to an open forum and help building a stronger tomorrow for Us!!

Sonia Gupta

L&D Specialist |Certified Assessor| OD Consultant | Storyteller | Change Catalyst | Conversation Starter | Entrepreneur

What people are saying?

This Executive presence program was a game-changer for me!
I came into the program feeling unsure of my abilities as a leader, but through the insightful sessions and practical exercises, I gained a newfound confidence in my ability to refine my personal brand and enhance my impact in the work setting.
(Anita Rawat)
AM – Sales
Alps Alpine India

The executive presence program exceeded my expectations in every way!
As an experienced professional, I thought I had a solid grasp of what it takes to succeed in leadership roles. However, this program challenged me to dig deeper and refine my approach to communication, influence and leadership. Thank you The Changes for inspiring me to continuously strive for excellence in every aspect of my professional life.
Combination Industries, Nigeria

Key takeaways?

Your brand is defined by what people say about you when you are not present.

Leaders create more leaders that can inspire others to act and create a desirable change.

Influence is a by product of value addition.