Is Training Always The Best Solution for Performance-Related Issues?

Having spent over 17 years in the learning and development sector, the greatest difficulty is being asked to resolve a performance issue with training when training is not the most appropriate solution!

The words performance deficiency and performance discrepancy are frequently used interchangeably.

A performance deficiency is an actual discrepancy between the knowledge and skills necessary to do a task.

On the other side, performance discrepancy occurs when someone does not do a task appropriately while possessing the necessary knowledge and skills.

If there is a performance deficiency, training will undoubtedly solve the issue; but, when there is a performance discrepancy, training is not necessarily the best answer; in fact, resolving the performance discrepancy with a training solution will likely end in the solution’s demise.

This sort of failure will also persuade higher management that training is useless and cast doubt on the training provider’s trustworthiness.

Prior to recommending a training solution, the learning and development professional’s primary aim is to educate senior management on the following:

  • The distinction between gap and discrepancy in performance.
  • When is it appropriate to train and when is it not.
  • Abolish the one-size-fits-all approach to performance improvement



Individuals are intricate, and organizational dynamics are much more so!

Training alone cannot always be the solution.

Employee productivity and performance can be significantly increased with a single little adjustment; by eschewing blanket remedies and distinguishing between performance deficiencies and discrepancies in performance!

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