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Personal Excellence

Personal excellence leads to enhanced ability to think & create attributes that are detrimental to personal fulfillment.

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Why take up this learning program?
Emails are now the core of business communication. They save time as they are the fastest medium of communication. An effective business Email is clear to understand but not always easy to write. Well – crafted Emails not only enable clear understanding by generating the appropriate response but also enhance productivity and reduces confusion.

Its impact-
Assess the current writing style and recognize the gaps
Create A Writing style that is Responsive & prompt
Leverage The Power of Words and create the desired impact

What will you learn? 

  • Develop the 6 step formula for writing purpose-driven emails.
  • Understand redundancies and diminish them
  • Reduce email-writing time by 25% by restructuring techniques.
  • Enhance receiver response time by 40% through creating receiver centric Emails.
  • Develop a reader-centric mindset and an appropriate choice of words.
  • Tips on formatting, grammar, & punctuation to enhance the reading experience.
  • Write consistent, clear & professional Emails.
  • Increase awareness of the best practice and email writing etiquette

Who can attend?
This course will be of great learning value if:

  • You Correspond regularly with clients, colleagues, or business partners by email.
  • You work on a team that uses email as a major communication tool.
  • You have a tough time getting responses to the emails you send.
  • You take a long time to draft a simple message.
  • You feel your emails are too vague, too dense, or too long.
4 out of 5
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